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Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine Tablets

We bring forth a range of POWERCHLOR NA Chlorine Tablets that is available in effervescent and non-effervescent forms. Primarily used in drinking water disinfection and other chlorination applications, these POWERCHLOR NA Chlorine Tablets are widely demanded by the clients. Besides, these chlorine tablets are also priced competitively.

Available In Tablet Sizes Of :

  • 0.2 gm
  • 0.5 gm
  • 1 gm
  • 3 gm
  • 5 gm
  • 7 gm
  • 9 gm


Advantages of POWERCHLOR Na Tablets:

  • Stable for more than 2 years
  • Accurate : always yielding the stated level of available chlorine.
  • Convenient and easy to use. Just add to water and allow to dissolve. The speed of solution can be enhanced by the use of warm water and/or by stirring.
  • Economical in use : the tablets provide an easy to use dilution system that eradicates the over-dosing that is common with liquid bleach and more importantly minimizes any under-dosing potential.
  • Easy to store and distribute - no spillages, no leaks.
  • Much safer to use than liquid bleach - reduced risk of accident and personal injury.
  • Less corrosive than liquid bleach. Tests have shown that nearly all metals in common use are more readily corroded by liquid bleach than by POWERCHLOR Na tablets.
  • Possess greater biocidal properties, strength for strength, than liquid bleach, especially in the presence of soiling.
  • Dissolves in solution to a near neutral pH solution - safer for operatives, unlike sodium hypochlorite which is invariably pH 9.0 -12.0


  • Public Utility
    • Disinfecting water for drinking, bathing, cooking, etc.,
    • Water Sanitation for public utility
    • Sanitation of water during natural calamity period
  • Poultry
    • Disinfection and sanitation of feed water Spraying over cages, sheds, transport vehicles, etc
      Hatching trays, equipments, floor, etc
    • Birds
    Cattle shed, goat farm, stable, pig houses, camel shed etc
    • Feed water sanitation
    • Rinsing the shed after cleaning
    • Cleaning the food and mouth
  • Dairy
    • Product being used by leading dairy firms. They use different ppm at different places but you can assure them, that they can use 50% less ppm than what they are using at present with liquid chlorine or bleaching powder.
  • Hospitals
    • Mopping
    • Rinsing bed linen
    • Rinsing surgical equipments
    • Human spills
    • Infants nappy, feeding bottle, etc
  • Hotels
    • Floor and bed linen
    • Drinking water and water for utilities
    • Pre-Chlorination of R.O feed water (can allow passing through the membrane if the residual chlorine level is brought below 0.20 ppm)
    • Cleaning utensils, cutlery and crockery etc
    • Swimming pool
  • Aquaculture
    • Cleaning Shrimps
    • Equipments
    • Nets
    • Feed trays


Available Chlorine 58-62% by wt
Form Tablet
Moisture 7 % max
Water Insolubles 0.2% max
ph (1% Soln) 5.0 - 7.0

Tablet Weights & Packing

Tablet Weight Tablet Dia Water Disinfection potential (ltr of pack water treated per tablet) Pack Size Master Packing
0.2 g 7.5 mm 40 ltr 1 kg box Carton with 12 x 1 kg boxes
0.5 g 10 mm 100 ltr
1 g 12.5 mm 200 ltr
3 g 21 mm 500 ltr
5 g 24 mm 1000 ltr
7 g 24 mm 1400 ltr
9 g 30 mm 1650 ltr